Ethical and Socially Responsive Business Essay

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Ethical and Socially Responsive Business
Debbre` Paige
Strayer University Intro to Business Professor: Gwendolyn Wiggins September 5, 2014

Ethical and Social Responsive Business behavior sets the foreground for business practices. Having good business ethics is the beginning to having a successful business. Being socially responsive lets your patrons know, your business is family and community oriented, and can start a long good relationship with the community.

Ethical and Socially Responsive Behavior
I am going to discuss Chipotle’s business practices relating to their code of behaviors that is set in place for the employees to adhere by. I am also going to discuss ways businesses can become more
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3. Protection and use of Company Assets sets forth the rules involving company property. This is a big area, because sometimes employees tend to treat their employers property as their own; which is a big NO NO in business. Broken, lost, or stolen property cost the business excess money and takes away from the company profit. Employees need to be aware up front that the company’s property is prohibited from personal use and gain. That nips that in the bud in the beginning, and employees cannot say, they were not aware of such policies. 4. Discrimination Policy explains to their employee that is not tolerated in any form. This is also a very big one for businesses, because discrimination is against all local and federal laws. Having a reputation that your company discriminates is a sure way to ruin your business. It brings lawsuits, which in turn cost the company money to hire lawyers and if the company loses, it can be a big payout to the other party. 5. Harassment and Sexual Harassment policy are very detailed on what they consider to be what form of harassment. The policy states that all forms of harassment are prohibited and the ramifications of breaking such policies. These type of policies need to be strictly enforced, because everyone’s level of acceptance of such acts are different. A joke may not offend one person, but it does offend another, having a no tolerance policy on any of it, cuts down on what’s acceptable

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