Essay on Ethical and Legal Concepts in Human Services

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While ethics and law go hand in hand they both have different perspectives. Law is enforced, whether it is by the police, courts or administrators. Ethics comes from within and are inherited over time through family and the community. While both areas take a different approach, in the healthcare organizations the main purpose is to make sure that the patient safety is key and that quality of healthcare is universal.
The health care industry is one the largest regulated industries in the world, this is why laws and code of ethics have been put into place to protect the patient. Every time an organization or a healthcare professional provides services to a patient there is room for error and in return room for legal and ethical violations.
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Professional ethics focuses on ethics that have been developed by a person or organization in a specific field over time. It is when these ethics are adapted and applied because of a certain profession that we use professional ethics. An example would include non-maleficence, in the medical profession this is a certain ethical behavior that we have adapted and used over many years and is mostly specific to that industry. Applied ethics is a newer approach to ethics in the workplace, it take general ethics and makes it use in and outside of the workplace. This approach focuses on taking real-life situations and teaching people who to handle themselves in any situation that they may face. Advocacy ethics is geared toward equality and social justice. In recent years it has been shown that poverty, social deprivation and inequality has led to poor health and disease. This is showing us that the increased concern for human rights has also raised the concern for health and human services. The final division of ethics is critical ethics. Critical ethics combines professional and applied ethics into one. Like professional ethics it is practiced by what other have taught us and like applied ethics it looks at the larger picture of society not just an organization. The best description of this type of ethics is promoting better health, not only inside the organization but outside as well. We see in many cases that organizations provide

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