Ethical Theory And Ethical Theories Essay

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Ethical theories play an exceptionally pivotal role in people’s daily lives. This is mainly because the ethical theories form the viewpoints that offer guidance as far as decision making is concerned. In other words, ethical theories are the crucial foundation for ethical solutions to challenging situations that people encounter in the course of executing their duties. It is pertinent to appreciate the fact that each ethical theory prioritizes different points aimed at arriving at ethically correct decisions. This paper explores ethical theories by Kant, Mill, Aristotle and Singer. This paper appreciates the fact that all ethical theories come with different sets of shortcomings. Nevertheless, the paper argues in favor of Mill’s ethical theory that uses outcomes of actions in justifying people’s behavioral tendencies.
Ethical Theories Peter Singer’s ethical theory tends to suggest that individuals should be obliged to help the less successful members of the society. This can be achieved through donating part of one’s earnings to charitable organizations. Singer’s arguments can be comprehended by non philosophers, which make him an extremely influential philosopher of modern times. Singer’s ethical theory mainly revolves around two key principles. The first principle entails maximizing pleasurable benefits and minimizing pain and suffering. Furthermore, Singer asserts that all suffering or pleasurable outcomes have equal significance. By this assertion, Singer’s theory…

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