Ethical System Review

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Ethical System Review and
My Own Belief
Submitted by: Mallory Moss
Ethics in Justice: HUM3350 (C02)
Lethbridge College
Submitted to: Kirsten Fantazir
November 1, 2017

Ethical System Review and
My Own Beliefs After learning about different ethical systems it seems as though I could pick pieces out of all the systems and create to an extent what I believe. Although the one that stuck out the most was ethics of virtue. Ethics of virtue are considered to be based on the person rather than being action based. As said by James F. Keenan “… being virtuous is more than having a particular habit of acting, e.g. generosity. Rather, it means having a fundamental set of related virtues that enable a person to live and act morally well.” This being
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I like to think that I have a good balance of all these virtues but that could be somewhat of another system (egoism) coming into play. I understand that my virtues are what I believe and it is not going to be something that I am going to change. I have my virtues balanced out so that I know what is right for me. If I were to let these virtues not be balanced and begin to sway to one side more then the other it would not be virtuous anymore. Keeping the balance of the virtues mentioned above does not take much practice with who I am as a person but stays the way they are because I want to do what I consider to be good …show more content…
If there is a problem going on I am not going to sugar-coat what is happening I am just going to be straight with what the right thing to do is. The reason that I believe I am this type of person is because where my family and friends are concerned I want to do what is the best things for them, along with them making the best decisions. I know that I am not always right but when I do mess up it allows me to learn how to become better and not to upset me or allow me to continue in making the same mistake. Making mistakes is a human error that is not necessarily a bad thing, errors allow us to become stronger and better as a whole. Throughout this program there has been a discussion that has come up multiple times asking if people are born good or born bad if they are to commit a crime or have bad thoughts. I think that people are born good and when they do bad things it is that they have learned that this is how they should act. This system allows people that are considered “bad” to learn how to become better for not only their sake but also society. Some people might need more help but anyone can learn to be a better

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