Ethical Standards, And Professional Standards Aspect To Human Service

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During this course I learned a lot about what my personal ethical standards were and what I value. I feel that before this course I was able to remain open minded about different situations, backgrounds, religions and values, but now I can justify why I am able to stay open minded. Learning what was considered ethical or unethical made being open minded even easier for me.
I know right from wrong but sometimes emotions try and trick you by blurring the line. A challenge for me this year was balancing my desire to help people at any cost while continuing to stick to my boundries. I am an honest and compassionate person and I think both were magnified as I learned more about ethics and the importance of ethics in our daily lives.
One thing that
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Distinguish the similarities and differences between values, laws, and professional standards and ethics pertaining to human services.
• This competency was demonstrated during Case Study #2, about Paul who has strong feelings against interracial relationships and his counselor who discloses to him that she is in an interracial relationship.
• This competency made me think about how my values measure up with the law. What would do if my values or ethical decision didn’t line up with what the law was telling me was right? It has made me think about how I would handle different situations.

2. Demonstrate a working knowledge of the Ethical Standards for Human Service Professionals and the consequences of non-compliance.
• I was able to learn this competency while doing the “Suggested Activities” assignment about ethical and unethical behaviors.
• This competency caused me to think about the things I did every day that may not be as ethical as I thought. I also learned that there is a cost to compromising ethical values and once you cross that line you can’t take it back. It was interesting to hear the different points of view when we discussed it in
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I know what type of person I want to be and this competency forced me to search inside myself to see if I was that person. I really made me aware of my flaws and my strengths and how I felt about them.

4. Apply ethical decision making skills to resolve ethical dilemmas
• I was able to learn about this competency by completing Case study #1
• In learning this competency I found myself reevaluating a home health client I had taken on. I had to make a decision on whether or not it was ethical to continue working for him. Understanding this competency gives me a leg up in making these types of decisions.

5. Explore the rights of clients and responsibilities of the professional human service worker.
• The Informed Consent Role Play activity helped me learn about this competency.
• I learned from this competency, that there is so much more to client rights then I thought. During this assignment, I was able to learn what client’s rights are and how to inform clients of those rights. I was also able to learn what was required of me as a counselor and how to address both in an interview. We also had an in class discussion about why client rights are so

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