Ethical Standards And Personal Values Essay

1591 Words Nov 29th, 2015 null Page
There are certain ethical standards and personal values that are highly based on the merit of having a professional life. It is without question clinical medicine is evolving into a complex set of decisions making that place Patients at the highest pinnacle in medical care. Medicine has been for years regarded as a field that help people in alleviating burden of a disease and reducing pain. People have questioned many factors into how clinical medicine has been used to treat patients who are often in severe stages in life. These forms of treatments have slowly been granted to include technological advancements as a mean of interaction in the clinical approach taking from many health care professionals. Many forms of treatments are tailgated to treat reduce the pain of the disease rather than treating the symptoms of the malady. This has posed many ethical dilemmas into how physicians should try to entertain their approaches into the 21st century and weigh the pros and cons of complications on future patients. As a result, aspiring physicians are more than ever compelled to question their decisions about pursuing a career in medicine that required rigorous medical decisions. As a future physician, I am required to make very complex decision that may conflict with my personal values, involving complexity of caring for patients and ability to logically respect the decisions of patients. The simple yet priceless values of compassion, caring, honesty, good communication, and…

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