Case Study: Umbrella Gaming

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Once the database had all the variables set up, Umbrella Gaming is allowed to input customer data and run tests. Real customer data is needed for accurate analysis results. Umbrella Gaming should strive to obtain accurate data through an individual’s registration process, and tracking of online information. From this point on, the company is able to use the database to achieve its marketing objectives. For instance, Umbrella Gaming could run a one sample t-test to see the average active time online compared to a hypothesized value. Then Umbrella Gaming could run a correlation analysis of active time online against amount of money spent, to see if there is a correlation between the two. If there is a correlation between the two
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In regards to ethical issues pertaining to the Umbrella Gaming database we must examine what potentially may be considered a general threat to society. Umbrella Gaming should practice and implement the fair principles of notice and choice. Umbrella Gaming must be vigilant in their efforts to collect information of consumers, ensuring that privacy rights are not violated and stated explicitly in a terms of agreement.

Being that children do not behold direct political power, several children’s groups have endorsed the motive of protecting children from particular types of database marketing. Since children constitute a great population of the gaming industry and a significant portion of the marketing database, their privacy and rights must be served in compliance. Thus, this will require that the marketing department formulate a privacy rights agreement for children under the age of 18. The marketing department could require that parents approve or deny the right of their children to be contacted through promotional campaigns. UGC must be in compliance federal regulation and laws that protect children from being exposed to database marketing campaigns and promotions. More specifically, COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection
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However, Umbrella Gaming Company cannot complete this task by providing only a platform for gamers to play on. The use of a database is what Umbrella Gaming Company’s services are centered around; and it is for that reason, the company is ever aware of the ethical, social, and confidentiality issues that surround it. In addition to the steps that Umbrella Gaming Company has already taken, the company should consider the possibility of allowing for the voluntary segregation of users based upon age. While UGC strives to be a unified community, the safety of their younger users needs to be at the forefront of their

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