Ethical Situations Of Business : An Applicable Standards And Procedures Section That Provides A Code Of Ethics

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Ethical Situations in Business EST1
Develop an applicable standards and procedures section that includes a minimum of four elements of acceptable or unacceptable behavior found in a code of ethics.
Standards and Procedures
Policy: Employee Conduct at work.
Purpose: To inform employees of company expectations.
Expectation: Employees are required to follow all rules of conduct.
• Always maintain a professional attitude and demeanor towards co-workers and customers.
• Employees will not abuse company property, or utilize it for personal use.
• Employees cannot use business phones for personal calls unless approved by immediate supervisor.
• Behavior or language that is rude, inappropriate, disrespectful, threatening or disruptive will not be tolerated.
• Employees will not abuse Company X property in any way, nor conduct personal business while being paid to perform Baylor work.
• Employees must practice good hygiene, and maintain a clean appearance while at work.
• Employees must dress appropriately for their position, and follow the dress code policy.
• Except for emergencies, use of personal cell phones is during work hours is not permitted.
• Employees will not utilize their access to the Internet or e-mail for personal business during normal working hours. It is imperative that Company X’s computer resources are used appropriately. Examples of inappropriate uses are as follows: o Using Company X’s resources to obtain, transmit, or view information that contains…

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