Ethical Roles Of Paralegals

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According to the American Bar Association, paralegals are critical to building an effective law team. Paralegals help lawyers complete their work while maintaining ethical standards. They must perform this duty carefully and in unison with their peers. Paralegals juggle multitudinous tasks in an organized manner. They possess strong information technology and research skills. To complete their work, they must communicate their finding effectively in verbal and written format.

The Modern Paralegal

Paralegals help lawyers complete their daily work; however, their responsibilities stop where law practice begins. The law professionals are most commonly associated with conducting legal research for a lawyer or firm. Paralegals are accountable
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As is the case with lawyers, paralegals have a fiduciary duty to make decisions that will result in the best possible outcome for their clients. This applies even if the law staffer comes to the conclusion that the best choices for the clients are not necessarily the best choices for the firm. As a legal professional, paralegals must remain fully transparent in all their work with their employer and the client. Theft, duplicity and falsehoods in this work environment are taboo. Additionally, when a paralegal makes an error or omission, they must completely and swiftly divulge this fact to the interested parties. Work as a paralegal is a continuous exercise in …show more content…
They may have to consult with a client, reach out to information sources or record witness testimony. Face to face meetings comprise most work a paralegal performs. Paralegals gather requested information from many sources and report relevant information back to the lawyer they are assisting. To complete this work, paralegals must connect with others with skill and comfort. They also have to explain relevant law to these parties in common terms. As a paralegal, these individuals must understand how people think and communicate in ways that every day people can

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