Ethical Responsibilities Of The Multidisciplinary Healthcare Team

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As a CCLS we take on a code of ethical responsibilities to provide psychosocial care to infants, children, youth, and families regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, economic status, values, nationality, or disability. To be a quality care provider one must be aware of their personal biases and be able to leave them at the door, thus to not allow these biases or personal beliefs to interfere with the quality of care provided to every patient and family. A major role of a CCLS is to serve as an advocate in the hospital setting and in the transition back to school. As a CCLS we may encounter children and parents in the LGBTQ community. In this specific scenario, we are encountering a same-sex couple raising a child involved in a serious automobile accident. As an advocate in the hospital setting, an important role would be to clarify misconceptions of the multidisciplinary healthcare team. Remind team members that there is no such thing as a “typical” family structure and that LGBTQ parents are not a menace to children. I would also aim to educate others that we have no control over, and cannot change, our sexual orientation, and encourage everyone to leave personal biases at home. Explaining and advocating for appropriate and politically correct terms to be used can also be beneficial, since it has been reported that inclusivity in the healthcare setting is something that needs to be improved. Most importantly, a CCLS should aim to incorporate the fact…

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