Ethical Responsibilities Of Embryonic Stem Cell Research Essay

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Ethical Responsibilities of Embryonic Stem Cell Research In the two-thousand nine movie, My Sister’s Keeper by Jeremy Leven, a family is struck with tragedy when their daughter, Kate, is diagnosed with Leukemia and not expected to live past the age of five years old. The doctor covertly introduces the topic of in vitro fertilization to assure a perfect match to the little girl. The procedure was successfully performed, and the parents have a little girl who they named Anna. Anna has given blood, bone marrow, and stem cells to her sister since she was born. Anna then decides she does not want to give anymore and retains a lawyer to help her become medically emancipated from her parents. This movie captured the ethical issues of the twentieth century [with a strong emotional narrative depicted by an everyday family struck with a deadly disease, process of making sensitive decisions, and a manuscript that addresses both sides of the debate] and brought them to the forefront (Leven).
Research that uses embryonic stem cells has created controversy surrounding the complex issue of ethics. In today’s world, one can see there are supporters and non-supporters of this research. Rebecca Dresser discusses both sides of these issues in her article Stem Cell Research as Innovation: Expanding the Ethical and Policy Conversation. Both sides agree that some type of research should be conducted to advance medical cures and therapies for the debilitating diseases of the world today.…

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