Ethical Principles Of Ethical Decision Essay

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To make an ethical decision you typically use a code of ethics to go about making your decision. This paper will address the human ethical condition. Specifically, I will be looking at human ethics in the terms of my ethical principle considerate actions towards others. I will address this topic in two main parts. First, I will provide a theoretical explanation of my ethical principle considerate actions towards others. Then, I will explain the application of my ethical principle into an illustrative example. In order to provide a theoretical explanation of considerate actions towards others, I will not only clarify its main elements and components, but I will explain what makes this code on “ethical” code. There are three central features or aspects of my ethical principle. To clarify my main elements and components I will have to answer three important questions. What is consideration, what are actions, and who are others? To have a better understanding of what consideration is it helps to start with the question, what is not consideration? When you think of the opposite of consideration some words that come to mind are greed, carelessness, thoughtless, selfishness, and unsympathetic. These words all have disrespect in common, where on the other hand consideration shows kind respectful awareness and/or regard for others circumstances and feelings. What are actions? Action can be portrayed in many ways. There are actions films that include continuous high energy to…

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