Ethical Perspectives On Maine's Policy Of Capital Punishment

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There are multiple policies that man enforces. There is one policy that Maine does not enforce and that is capital punishment. Capital punishment is when a person is sentenced to death after committing a serious crime. This is enforced in multiple states throughout the nation. There are multiple ethical theories and concepts that can support and critique Maine’s policy of capital punishment. A person who commits a crime should have the chance for rehabilitation. This should be done through multiple therapies, and a place for someone to recognize that what they did is wrong. There are people who do not believe what they did is wrong, however with therapy they would be able to recognize why the act was too horrendous for living in …show more content…
The death penalty ensures that people do not have the opportunity to commit this crime again. These opinions come from their own upbringing, and the feelings that says someone who is commits an immoral act deserves the same fate that they created. They could also justify capital punishment by believing they are doing “God’s Will”, or accelerating karma, by killing the person who committed the crime. The fact that there is a difference in moral opinion shows the sociological relativism of the …show more content…
Tolerance “implies a universal duty to respect others, regardless of how we personally feel” (Boss, 2014, pg. 115). A murderer would be considered a person who does not deserve tolerance, however it is our moral duty to respect humans. A person who has done this action has their own reasons, and they may have the inability to recognize that their reasons are immoral. Does this mean that others should condemn them to death? It would be better to help them consider their actions, and become more acquainted with their moral compass.
The natural law theory states that “morality is universal and grounded in rational nature” (Boss, 2014, pg. 272). This would suggest that a person who is irrational is unable to recognize universal morals. For instance, they are unable to recognize that murder is immoral. This could be because of psychological, mental, or sociological disorders. This are all plausible reasons for why a person is unable to recognize their own moral codes. The basics of natural law theory states that prevention of death is universally

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