Ethical Perspectives Of China And Mexico Essay

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Globalization has been an occurrence for many centuries. Globalization started when international businesses much easier. Becoming a successful international business means that the corporation really has to understand the culture they are moving their business into. They have to figure out how the businesses in the country they are locating to operate. They need to know the ethics of the country and the different standards they have there. These organizations that want to expand to different countries have to realize they have to have a positive relationship with their foreign contractors, government, and allies. Failure to understand this leaves many of these organizations crumbling or at the hands of the international ethical dilemmas that take place. Today these ethical dilemmas are being brought to global attention by international media sources and any unaddressed unethical practice or issue from businesses can be learned about around the world causing major backlash for the companies involved with the unethical business behaviors. This paper highlights two articles about the different ethical perspectives of China and Mexico compared to American ethical perspective.

The article, “A Chinese Perspective: Business Ethics in China Now and in the Future,” focuses on three mainstream events where defective products that were made in China were unethically distributed and sold around the world. The author, Lu Xiaoche, evaluates these dealings while describing the current…

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