Ethical Obligations : Ethics And Power Essay example

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The Politico article that was reviewed as a guide for this assignment discussed the charges brought against two political figures in Chicago accused of attempting to fix the race for Mayor. There were clear examples of unethical behavior that could have been avoided had others around the two key figures had stepped in to question their actions. This assignment will also discuss the difference be-tween leadership and power. And whether the same behavior would have been considered unethical in the private sector.
Ethical obligations A few of the ethical obligations that will be discussed that should have been considered by Smith and Halloran, that would’ve helped them avoid the eventual charges they faced, are discussed in Northouse (2013), are the concept of respect, service, and community. The concept of respect in ethics is that by accepting others individual goals avoids treating people as a means to an end. (Northouse, 2013). Attempting to bribe ones’ way into a position is a classic example of treating peo-ple as a means to an end. If a leader is able to accept feedback and listen to the ideas of their fol-lowers or subordinates’, they are able to see the value in those around them and understand that everything is not about them and that it takes a whole team for any organization to be successful. Service is another ethical obligation of a leader. leadership is about service to others also reduces the risk of unethical behavior. Service requires that you are…

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