Ethical Lens Inventory Essay

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Personal Ethics Statement: I will prove to be a good student and set an example for others by living honest and showing respect for myself by following my schools code of ethics and conduct. Setting examples will show people how to be honest in their everyday life. I feel people will learn how to act by follow the examples people show.
Setting examples will show others how to lead an honest life. Essentially, I need to be a positive role model. I will not cheat on my work. I will not lie to get out of doing work or a test. I am going to follow the code of ethics and conduct.
I will be a positive role model. If people see me performing honest acts, then they will learn from my example. I will be a leader of honesty so that way anyone
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I do like to follow my heart but at the same time I have to look at the evidence as well to determine the steps I will take. My classical values are prudence and fortitude. I manage to avoid actions that are not thought out. I also have wisdom in practical matters.
My personal ethics creates a course of action by impacting my life because it makes me who I am. It defines my character and I want people to see me in a positive way. It effects my decision making because I want to make the right choices. I want to be fair and equal to all people. It effects my education because it helps me strive to be an honest and respectful student. I want to try hard to be the best I can be. If I am not then not only am I failing myself. I am failing my teacher, friends and most importantly my family. A failure is not something I would want to become. So I will continue to live up to my ethics and when I am finished with my journey I want people to say that I was a great role

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