Transactional Leadership Essay

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Transactional leadership
According to Burns (2003), transactional and transformational leadership are not mutually exclusive, he considers transactional leadership to be moral. Transactional leadership revisits the leadership exchange theories where a specific legislation favored by the leader constituency will be pushed by him or her in exchange for the votes from constituents.
The morality related to transactional behavior is highly effective, usually serves the greater good and is significantly inclusive based on the case of leaders in the international affairs. The individual leaders who represent countries in such negotiations having the objective of negotiating and advocating for a state of affairs where it would be best to promotes
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The main difference in terms of ethical leadership and authentic transformational leadership is that ethical leaders mainly focus on moral management by using the ways of rewarding and punishing the followers while leaders under authentic transformational leadership have a moral vision and values for facilitating good behavior where both the leaders and followers are having high moral emotion and moral identity which leads them to a right moral action and authentic moral decision …show more content…
The Chinese traditional Taoism can be said as a powerful tool for the overall study of ethical leadership as it is based on the five basic virtues of humanity in dialectical way of thinking of organizational phenomena in the process of changing. Starting, Growing, Maturing, Aging and Dying are the five typical contexts of an organization whereby there are five typical leaders characterized with virtues of Benevolence, Propriety, Faithfulness, Justice and Wisdom for each context which are required in order to help the organization operate successfully (Bai, n.d.). However, it requires different style of leaders in different stage to fit in different context for an organization

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