Ethical Issues Essay

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Ethical Issues in Gerontology

Ethical Issues in Gerontology Nowadays, nurses who provide elder care are faced with several legal and ethical dilemmas in a daily basis. Besides to the social and legal dilemma it creates, elder abuse, neglect or also known as elder mistreatment is a massive health care crisis that can lead to long term health complications and even death (Fulmer & Greenberg, 2012). The purpose of this paper is to review the literature and examine the nature of elder abuse in relation to its legal and ethical implications. Furthermore, this paper is intended to discuss the causes and types of elder abuse; professional responsibilities related to reporting, documenting, and intervening in cases of
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This can lead to gross under-reporting of the issue. The Canadian health care system spends about 4.2 billion dollars to address and treat violence (Center for research on Violence Against Women and Children, 1995). Hence, In addition to the obvious economic impact, elder abuse can profoundly affect emotional well being, quality of life, and even in some cases a loss of life.
Elder abuse in home setting Elder abuse is an important health issue for seniors in Canada. It can affect seniors in all communities, races and social statuses (Ebersole et al., 2008) However, some elders those who are older, female, isolated, or dependent on others for personal and financial care may even are more at greater risk (American Psychological Association, 2006). In addition, those who are under the care of someone with an addiction, seniors living in institutional settings, and those who are frail, and have a physical or cognitive disability may be mostly vulnerable (Fulmer & Greenberg, 2012). Elder abuse at home setting usually involves the maltreatment of an older person by someone who has a unique relationship to the elder. This relationship includes spouses, children, siblings, friends, or caregivers (American Psychological Association, 2012). According to Statistics Canada (2009), of all the incidence of abuse reported to police, approximately one third were committed by family members of the elderly person (most commonly a grown child or

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