Persuasive Essay On Cosmetic Surgery

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Cosmetic Surgery is something that many people use to enhance their features, help correct defects, or even to save lives. It can also help people to look and feel better about themselves. Since 2010 there has been a major increase on cosmetic surgeries being performed on both men and women. Some of the most popular procedures done are facelifts, botox, liposuction, and breast augmentation. There are two different types of procedures, surgical and not surgical. These procedures have many great benefits but they also need to be taken very seriously. This has become an ethical issue because many believe the cosmetic surgery is being done for all of the wrong reasons and that it is getting too excessive (CRI). The top two reasons why people get cosmetic surgery done are to improve their …show more content…
It does need to be kept to a minimum though because our bodies are not meant to be to go through multiple surgeries. It needs to be taken care of and people need to accept their flaws and embrace them because there is a reason that our bodies were made the way that they were. Unless someone has a physical condition that needs cosmetic surgery or they have something about them really bothering them they shouldn’t bother with doing cosmetic surgery to themselves. Surgeries can be unpredictable so no one should risk their life just because they want to look a certain way. The reason that cosmetic surgery has become an ethical issue is because people are taking it to the extreme. They are not doing it for the right reasons and are ruining their lives. It is turning into something that is making people think they will look like celebrities when it should have the reputation of being for people who really need it for a medical reason or a minor necessity. Therefore cosmetic surgery should only be used if it is necessary or for a minor

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