Ethical Issues That Arise In Jenner’s Vaccination Against Smallpox

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Ethical Issues That Arise In Jenner’s Vaccination Against Smallpox
In Edward Jenner’s Vaccination Against Smallpox, the way Jenner experiments on the people in his village questions whether or not his actions were ethical. Jenner’s work on the people in his community addresses many health risks due to the smallpox disease, his work may have had both purpose and justification, but the way Jenner carried out his experiments were very dangerous and harmful to his community. Jenner put many people’s lives in jeopardy including men, women and even young innocent children. If the Nuremburg Code was established prior to Jenner’s time, Jenner’s work might have been rejected. Jenner’s work may have been rejected because in his writing and in his
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Jenner used these healthy humans in order to observe how the cow pox disease symptoms would affect their body, then observing how there body reacted to the smallpox inoculation. What if these people would have died after Jenner injected them with the cowpox. Jenner inquiry shows that he does not care about getting consent; all Jenner cares about is inoculating these people. It is unethical to place a deadly disease and very infectious matter into people without getting their consent.
Is it just or acceptable that children are used as test subjects in order to analyze Jenner’s study of cowpox and smallpox? Analyzing how Jenner tested his theory, Jenner primary used children in his experiment to prove that cowpox was a vaccine for smallpox. This was the most horrible thing that could’ve happen during Jenner’s studies. Jenner actually performed his first experiment on an eight year old boy (Jenner, 7). Jenner paid no attention to these children age he had no sympathy towards these innocent children. Jenner proved he had no sympathy towards children when he decided to inoculate a newborn baby (Jenner, 27). Jenner also inoculated toddlers and children around the age of eight. In case 22, it was stated that from the arm of a girl matter was taken and injected into a one year and a half old boy and also an eleven months old boy (Jenner, 28). Injecting young innocent children with a deadly disease is unethical because children lack capacity and intellectual

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