Childhood Obesity Campaign Essay

Global data shows that yearly that chronic disease are claiming more lives. Nowadays approximately half of the American adult suffer from one or more chronic disease. What makes this data so shocking is the fact that chronic diseases are the most preventable and yet it is the leading cause of death in the United States. Chronic diseases may cause limitations of activities, health, work and overall function of a person’s life and thus affect their family life as well. Obesity is amongst the chronic disease affecting Americans today, more specific childhood and adolescent obesity. Obesity is affecting roughly 12.7 million children and adolescents in the U.S. Data shows that obesity has become a major problem amongst New Yorkers with a 34% being …show more content…
Ultimately school and home environment are important influencers to children. Although children are the primary targets for this campaign, parents as well as community members including school official are secondary and tertiary targets of this campaign as well. School and home environments are where children and adolescent spend the most time of their days. Intervention in school environment will include working with the Department of Education in order to promote and expand their nutritional education. The aim is to promote healthy eating behavior to students by providing them with social support, environmental reinforcement, education on healthy eating choices and skills. Children can be modified easier than adults because good behaviors are established from a young age. By installing water jets in the school cafeterias across the five NYC boroughs will reinforce children/adolescents to consume water instead of sugary drinks. Children and adolescent who are obese do not consume the recommended amount of vegetable and/or fruits hence establishing school gardens will be a positive reinforcement as to educating the students about not only farming but the origin and taste of organic foods. Although the Grow to Learn school garden initiative have approximately 200 schools registered, we need to further expand to several other school including low income

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