Ethical Issues in Tazreen Garment Essay

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2.0. Overview on Tazreen Garment:

Tazreen fashion opened in 2009. It employed 1,630 workers and produced T-shirts, polo shirts and jackets for various companies and organizations. These included the US Marines, the Dutch company C&A, the American company Walmart and the Hong Kong based company Li & Fung. The factory is part of The Tuba group which is a major exporter of garments from Bangladesh into the U.S., Germany, France, Italy and the Netherlands, whose major clients include Walmart, Carrefour and IKEA.
Tazreen factory was flagged in May 2011 with an "orange" grade by a Walmart ethical sourcing official for "violations and/or conditions which were deemed to be high risk". The notice said that any factory receiving three
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Twelve of the victims died leaping from windows in order to escape the flames, some of which died of those attained injuries after being taken to area hospitals. Some lucky workers who had been able to escaped to the roof of the building were successfully rescued. the building's three staircases, all three led through the ground floor, making them extremely dangerous and unusable in the case of the ground floor fire. This left many workers trapped and unable to get safely out of the course of the fire. However, this not ends. The table shows series of industrial disasters of Bangladesh garment in last 4 years.

3.1. Reasons behind the Tazreen Fire:

1. The fire safety certificate had expired in June, 2012. 2. Padlocking exits and preventing workers from leaving the building. 3. The fire alarm had gone out of order. 4. Factory storage was on 1st floor where the fire occurred, and trapped the workers on floors above. 5. To reduce the cost they did not take any safety measure. 6. The workers and the management did not have any fire related training.
4.0. Ethical Issues Related with Tazreen Factory:

The ethical issues related with Tazreen fashion factory disaster are given bellow:
4.1. Utilitarianism:

Utilitarianism holds that actions and policies should be evaluated on the basis of the benefits and costs they will impose on society. To reduce the cost, Tazreen Fashion would not agree to

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