Ethical Issues In Sicko

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In 2012, the U.S spent 2.8 trillion dollars on health care (Meissner). With the increasing amount of money for hospital charges, pharmaceutical prices, and administrative costs many people are lead to debt and bankruptcy whether or not they have insurance (Kodjack). Based on many research and the documentary Sicko, the United States is currently facing a Healthcare crisis in the lack of coverage for citizens and the growing epidemic in the denial of healthcare. This crisis has many causes, such as their unreasonable strict standards, but there are many possible solutions to these causes that could benefit people in the U.S, especially financially.
Only 250 million Americans have insurance and fifty million Americans have no insurance. Out of
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As a physician there are many responsibilities, sacrifices, and emotional circumstances. Its not just examining a patient and treating them, the financial aspect of it and dealing with how they will pay for the care also has a toll in their treatment in my future career. In the movie Sicko, there was a physician, Linda Pino, on behalf of the Managed Healthcare Quality Standards on the 30th of May 1996 she stood before the U.S Congress to speak on behalf of the guilt she was facing because of a treatment she had to deny to give to a patient because his insurance would not pay (Glynn). She felt that it was unjustified because that treatment could have saved that man’s life. One thing that she quoted from the insurance company that will forever stay in the back of my mind in my future career is “it’s not denying care its denying payment.” I never knew as a physician denying care to save someone’s life has a price. As a physician even if the treatment can save that person’s life it does not matter as long as the insurance company saves money. The health care system refers it to medical loss, meaning the more denials the physician encounters the heavier their bonus checks are (Glynn Sicko). This is unethical and disappointing a patient is seeking help, a life-threatening situation, and because they do not have the “out-of-pocket” money, they cannot seek medical treatment. Being apart of the health care system either as …show more content…
The crisis caused by overpricing of health care, people not being able to pay for insurance, or the denial of insurance is some of the leading factors of this crisis. There are many solutions that can be accomplished that may solve these problems. As other countries healthcare system is benefitting its citizens making them top in the world rank World Health Systems, America should be able to learn from their ways. This topic has not only impact me, but will also impact me as a future

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