Ethical Issues in Relations Between Business and Customers. Essay

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Ethical issues in relations between business and customers.

Suleimenova Nazira.
Management 11.852

Ethical issues in relations between business and customers.

Nowadays, people the most part of their life spend at the work. At work, person has a contact with other employees, meets the requirements of management or personally gave orders to his subordinates. But also, the organization (enterprise, firm) in which employees work, constantly interacts with other organizations, the state and the various institutions, the environment, and of course the common people. As long as, all these above interactions occur, participants have certain rules of behavior.
The developed countries of the world are very concerned about the
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Following is a list of industry wide ethical issues. The problem with these is that they are not only routine and frequent, but they are also more widespread, i.e. throughout the whole industry rather than being confined to a particular business. * Bribing powerful officials in order to get bids and tenders accepted and bribing competitor employees to get informational leaks is a serious ethical issue in business. In fact, it is a crime that is legally punishable in most countries today. * Although there are ethical issues like discrimination that apply to all areas of business, each business area has its own ethical concerns. For example, business people who act as consultants must ensure they are giving sound advice. In the area of small business, some major ethical issues result from hiring, firing and dealing with employees. For example, conflicts of interest may cause ethical issues in small businesses, especially if they are family run. When personal family issues interfere with business decisions, this is a conflict of interest and an ethical concern. * Business practices like sourcing of materials, quality of inputs in production, compromising on certain aspects like product quality, safety, etc. and deception in packaging, quantity or size also fall in the purview of business ethics. * Some industries consciously omit the details of the side effects of the usage of their products from the product packaging while some indulge in

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