Ethical Issues Faced By Managers Essays

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Ethical issues faced by managers in dealing with international business

There are many ethical issues that managers often face with dealing with international business, especially when they have to move to different countries. Not only do managers have to learn different languages and cultures, but they also have to learn how to deal with many ethical issues in other countries. Managers face ethical issues such as corruption, pollution, and employment issues when dealing with international business. It is a manager’s responsibility to learn how to deal with these issues in an ethical way. It is also their job to learn how to understand the ways of other cultures and what their political systems are like. They have to make sure that the company’s production continues at a good rate, while at the same time making sure to follow ethical values.

A main ethical issue that managers often face is corruption, especially in countries where governments can be easily bribed. Developing countries are known to be very corrupt, their officials are often bribed. Companies can provide large sums of money to government officials to make sure that they are allowed to go into the country and set up as many factories as they want; when this happens, since they are not properly regulated, it leads to many problems such as pollution, unfair wages, unfair treatment of the employers, child labor, and bad working conditions.

Managers have to deal with…

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