Ethical Issue : Ethical Issues Essay

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Response to Ethical Issue
The ethical issue can be classified as fairness in terms of its outreach to loyal and potential clients. Facebook can be easily and cheaply accessed by virtually all clients who are subscribed to such social sites. The increment in the number of likes in the facebook page is due to the ability to satisfy its customer’s expectations as demonstrated in the advertisement message. Essentially, Construinvest intends to conduct business in line with the organization mission and within the expectation of its customers. Therefore, this response paper tries to explore how well the company lives up to the mission statement and the level of commitment it shows towards achieving the corporate social responsibility.
The company will in essence experience a big challenge in terms of trying not to discriminate against its workers. The nature of work that the company will offer is clearly appropriate for able-bodied and energetic individuals such as the youthful portion of the population leaving out those who do not fit the description of the job. The discrimination issue is vividly demonstrated as a potential ethical issue and the parties that are likely to be affected are highlighted. It is a usual thing for construction companies to purchase sub-standard products at inflated prices to hide the truth. I find this ethical dilemma captured deeply, indicating that the company is prepared to uphold ethics in its s despite the high temptation to act otherwise.…

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