Ethical Implications Of The Legal Concern Essay

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Ethical Legal Concern Nester is a forty year old male, who reports living with hypertension for the past fifteen clinic. He arrives to the free clinic in order seek a refill on his anti-hypertensive medication. The nurse took Mr. Nester blood pressure and it was noted to be extremely elevated. Although Mr. Nester reports he has been following up with his physician every three months and he has been on his antihypertensive medication for the past five years. Mr. Nester reports to the nurse that his blood pressure reading are usually higher than the current reading. Mr. Nester stated there is no help with taking medications to help control his blood pressure reading. According to Mr. Nester, the doctor stated there is no need to worry about his blood pressure because his body has become adjusted to the high readings. The nurse is concerned about the physician statement because she is realizes the long term effects of hypertension on the body. The problems comes in place with battling on terms of respecting the autonomy of the patient versus labeling the patient as being noncompliant. This paper will first, discuss the values identified in the case with Mr. Hester. Second, there will be a discussion of personal values and how conflict may arise from these values. Third, will be a discussion of the issues in Mr. Hester case and how this relates to the healthcare provider, organization and the patient. Finally there will a discussion regarding the ethical and legal thoughts of…

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