Ethical Implications Of Target Marketing Essay examples

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Ethical Implications of Target Marketing What is target marketing? To understand the ethical implications of target marketing, an understanding of target marketing must first be defined. Target marketing is nothing more than designing marketing advertisement around the intended customer of the product (Melvin, 2011). When a new product is developed, research must be performed to determine the customer, by evaluating the potential individuals that would be the likely users of the product. Many corporations develop products that are intended for different groups. These groups can be segmented by their age, geographic, demographic, race, religion, gender, and many more different groupings (Melvin, 2011). The manufacturer markets their products directly towards the intended customer. Ethics or the lack of ethics is brought into the corporations marketing process when the marketing is too aggressive towards that group of individuals.
Children are typically being targeted for advertisements, especially food chains that are used to promote their children’s meals. Most food chains realize that if they can get the child interested in a child’s meal, they will continue to ask for it, persuading parents to bring them back again and again. McDonald’s happy meals were very unhealthy for a child, until recently (Minsker, 2014). A lot of attention has been brought to the light about healthier food selection for children since President Obama took office (Minsker,…

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