Essay on Ethical Implications Of Ethical Issues

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Ethical issues can come about at different stages in a social research. Ethical issues cannot be ignored because they align with the integrity of a research and the disciplines included. Accordingly, in this essay I will be assessing the ethical implications of the methods and approach described. In addition I will consider how to overcome the ethical dilemmas identified.
In the outset of the research proposal the researcher states the following: “The Institute for Understanding Crime and Criminal Behaviour is seeking funding…” Here there is an ethical implication; the researcher has not mention who exactly they are seeking funding from. This means that anyone could end up funding the research which could lead to ethical issues with regards to deception. For instance, the research proposal focuses on Organised Crime Groups therefore, if it turns out that the funder is from the Law enforcement agency or the Metropolitan Police then this would essentially mean deceiving the participants. If the participants were made aware of who the funder was beforehand they may have decided not to participate in the research. Furthermore, to get an inform consent from participants it is the researcher’s responsibility to tell participants about who is financing the research.
In the Methodological approach the researcher states that there will be “Linkage and analysis of existing administrative datasets”, which involve extracting information from prison and offender assessment system.…

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