Ethical Implications Of Ethical Egoism Essay

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Ethical egoism varies from other ethical positions since it proposes that the enthusiasm of others anything to never be an element in good choice making. An ethical egoist accepts that helping others is not an ethical activity and that they anything to help other people just seeing that it would offer an advantage over the long haul. If it does not better me I “morally” do not have to do it. So, if killing, torturing, or robbing someone will help me better myself then morally right. The book claims that ethical egoism cannot be true because it requires killing rape, or theft just because actions of this promote self- interest.
The story of the stockbroker for example if you have such knowledge about a company that is about to have a corporate takeover and once the takeover is complete the stock will rise that you would make millions if buying the stock now while low then when the takeover happens you would make millions. Would you not try and partake in such? Ethical egoism deems it to be morally right thus you may do so. Even though you have chances of getting caught. Ethical egoism claims that actions are morally right if they promote one’s self interest no matter what circumstance.
Most who support egoism don’t believe it to be a mistake not even a theory nonetheless. Egoism requires sometime of acts that are supposed highly immoral. Again, if doing so helps the self-interest of one egoism insist that we do those things. Egoism does however forbid us from doing the…

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