Is Human Cloning Possible

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Because science and technology have progressed tremendously over the past few decades, many people have wondered whether cloning humans can be possible. Human cloning is creating an identical copy of a human. There is a possibility that humans can be cloned through therapeutic and reproductive cloning. Therapeutic cloning is used for research purposes whereas reproductive cloning is used for creating an organism. In recent discussions of cloning, a controversial issue has been made on whether cloning humans can be possible. On one hand, some argue that cloning humans is possible and should be further explored due to its possible benefits. On the other hand, however, others argue that it is not possible or should not be performed. Even though …show more content…
As Sagan illustrates in the article, “Human cloning possible but remains ‘abhorrent’ in minds of public”, “cloning could harm the babies created.” These babies could be affected by deformities or diseases. Having deformities and diseases means that the babies would suffer and not live very long. These babies are only alive because of our experiments. Due to being experiments, they would not be able to live a normal life because of their health problems. Instead of creating clones that have to experience the effects of the imperfections, scientists should focus more on improving the lives of people by using other ways that does not include ethics or does not cause harm to others. These scientists are making the clones suffer through unneeded complications. Head states in the article, “Should human cloning be banned?”, “Scientists generally agree that it would be irresponsible to clone a human being until cloning has been perfected, given that the cloned human would probably face serious, and ultimately terminal, health issues.” It is impetuous for scientists to continue cloning because the babies that were made are alive and have their own feelings. They should not be forced to live with health issues their entire life because of our imperfect experiments. Scientists only want to create clones in order to have better organ donors. Besides, if cloning is imperfect, it would be dangerous to use the organs of the clones for the natural human race. Instead of helping the original humans, clones would be a danger to us. Moreover, the clones were never asked if they wanted to be an organ donor, so it is unethical to force the clones to donate their organs to the original person. It is also wrong to give something life and kill them later on because they have something that you want. On the other hand, Dolly was a sheep that was successfully cloned.

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