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how the company will monitor the recall;

when did the complaints start from consumer who have used the product; and

how many complaints have been received.

How would you specifically notify customers of such an occurrence?

First, notify your customer service department to be on alert for customer complaints and what information to get, such as where they purchased the product and when. Then, pull the distribution records showing each location that the product was shipped to, the dates of delivery and how much was sold. Notify your sales personnel/dealers of the product being recalled, the batch or serial number and the location of the product. Have them prepare a list of the clients affected and provide this to the company so that certified/registered letters can go out informing the clients of the product recall. Use television or internet media indicating the product recall, what states the recall is confined to, the batch or serial number and the date the product was sold. If the company has their own website they can post the product recall on it also. If customers purchase online from the company, they can inform them by email of the product recall.

What kind of internal actions would you take to prevent future problems?

The first thing would be to make sure that there is a proper documentation control system in place for
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