Ethical Deontology: Morality In Our Society

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zabeth Lopez
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Deontological is morality in nature in today's society, as individuals have tended be good character by doing the right thing in their decision making. Ethical Formalism has showed important aspect in our society because of the development of good will among individuals. Many individuals have different ways of acting in society where they have different views and intentions. Today's society is part of the Ethical formalism because it allows and understand morals where it addresses how to act in situations where to make the best decision such as doing the right or wrong thing, following moral obligations in particular profession and enforcing law based on religion and parents.
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The principles of this system are based morals that are judge on the motive or intents of the individual. The acts of the individuals should be based on good will and the actions that where taking where good motives. The individuals true good is the actions he or she made within the situation. for example if I let my friend borrow money I do it because I want to and I do not expect anything in return only true good. One ethical dilemma faced in my life was whether to help my classmates hide a bag of marijuana in my locker room in high school because their locker room was being checked by the principal and police officers. The facts in my dilemma were there was drugs in my locker room. The principal and the police officers were searching all the locker rooms in the building. My classmates did not want to get caught. Being their classmates has brought me to this situation. The moral principles and values are integrity being honest and be trust worthy being the good student I had to do to stop this drug search even though my class mates will not like after. Being honest was the best solution to prevent this problem from getting worse. The dilemma in this situation is my classmates did not have a placed to hide their marijuana bag so they chose me to help them. My current dilemma what is more important my friendship with my classmates or getting in trouble because of …show more content…
As result many have develop good will in our society based on doing the right thing. Most of my beliefs and views are more deontological in nature because my views of doing decision based on my duty and obligations. My current ethical system is more deontological in nature because I make my decision based on doing the right thing and ethical formalism fits in my ethical system based on truly good will. With religion and my parents have made an influence in my current ethical system. My current career plans are becoming a police officer and attend the police academy in which my ethical system will help in my profession because I will do the best decision based on good will and being fair in any dilemma and will not be unethical and act wrong. Also, I will be guided by morals that I have learn through my parents, religion and my ethical

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