Ethical Filter Paper

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Ethical Filter Paper
Shemina Bhojani
February, 01, 2010
Mr. Whiteley
Ethical Filter Paper Ethical values are a formal system or set of rules governing the conduct of a person or members of a profession by which decisions are made about right and wrong, should and shouldn’t, good and bad (Values, Morals and Ethics, 2010). In our daily lives we come across so many issues. Some of these issues can be categorized into medical ethics, legal ethics, business ethics, and personal ethics but the ways of relating to such issues are derived from basic ethical values (Ethical Values as Part of the Definition of Business Enterprise and Part of the Internal Structure of the Business Organization, 1998). The basic Ethical values
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Dishonest actions such as lying, stealing, and cheating are all unacceptable personally and professionally.
It is a concept that has to do with perceived consistency of actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectations and outcome (Integrity, 2010). Integrity is the uncompromising adherence to moral and Ethical principals such as honesty and trust. Uncompromising adherence means that the correct path will be selected immaterial of what one appeals. Integrity in a person determines the person truthfulness. When a person does not lie he is considered to be a person of Integrity. Having integrity as one of the characteristics on an individual does not mean that the individual never makes mistakes. Having Integrity means the individual will take responsibility of his actions. The individual will always be honest and truthful. When ones integrity is compromised it is very difficult to gain it back in the eyes of the organization and peers. Demonstrating Integrity shows stability, completeness, strength and soundness in your character and your organization (Ethical Values for Business Success, 2002).
Building Trust Trust is the reliance on the integrity, strength, ability and surety of a person or organization (Trust, 2010). Trust is having confidence in your life partner, your friend or an organization. Trust

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