Ethical Ethics Of Organ Donation

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Organ Donation
Many people face an ethical decision to donate their loved one’s organs when they have passed on. These people have a difficult time making this decision. It is frightening to them to think that their loved ones heart, kidney and eyes will be removed from their body. Some of them find it hard to see them in the casket knowing that they are missing a part of themselves. This makes some people hesitant about allowing donation to take place. If everyone was a register organ donor, we could eliminate this pain by educating everyone on organ donation and how it could make a difference in a lot of people’s lives. This is why I believe everyone should be an organ donor. What is organ donation? Organ donation is done when someone has
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A way to break this fear is to explain the process of organ donation. According to the Mayo Clinic Staff, when you go into the hospital for treatment, doctors are focused on saving your life ( When you go into the emergency room, they will assign you a doctor that matches your particular emergency. When you are in the hospital, they are not looking to see if you are an organ donor. They are more concern on your situation and how to get you feeling better. If a person has died due to complication such as cardiac death, they can become an organ donor. Extensive testing is done to determine that the person’s brain has stopped working, once a potential donor is deemed dead; they are sent to the intensive care unit on life support until a family member is notified and a decision can be made to essentially keep them alive through machines or allow them to become an organ donor. The doctors who are taking care of the patient are completely separate from the doctors that do the organ transplant.
Another fear about organ donation is that organ donation is not accepted by their religion. Organ donation is accepted by many religions that include Roman Catholicism, Islam, most branches of Judaism and most Protestant faiths ( Most religions consider organ donations as an act of charity.
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This list of people who are waiting for a life saving organ is increasing on a daily basis. Every ten minutes a new name is added to the transplant list, and up to twenty one people die a day waiting for a transplant. If this was someone you loved, you would want them to have every opportunity to get an organ transplant. This is why I feel that everyone should be an organ donor. This would allow a better chance for people to have a second chance of life and for people to become heroes who can save up to eight people with their decision to become an organ

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