Ethical Ethics Of Abortion

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The Ethics of Abortion and Nurse
Abortion continues to be a moral and ethical dilemma for all those involved. From the American Nurses Association (ANA) code of Ethics, “nurses have the ethical and moral obligation to promote and protect life”. Debates continue, opposing the belief of life against the principle of autonomy and woman’s right to regulate her body. It is disputable that the right to have an abortion is a right to dominate one’s body, but the death of the fetus is an inevitable result of the termination of that pregnancy (Religious studies online, n.d.). One million two hundred thousand abortions are done yearly in the United States from weeks 9 to 21+ of gestation (Pro Life Action League). Nevertheless, nurses no matter how caring
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Hypothetically, this situation includes a 30 year old woman named Denise who is living below the poverty line. Denise has a boyfriend, David, and they have been together for two years. Denise and David have no children together, but each has one child from a previous relationship. Denise and David live together with their combined two children, in poverty conditions. They live in the projects of Terre Haute, live off of food stamps and welfare and are unable to keep jobs because of a drug-habit. Denise and David have been having sex together since they met, and Denise has never become pregnant. The couple is not using any form of birth control because they believe that they are unable to have a child together, since it hasn’t happened yet. Surprisingly, Denise becomes pregnant and the couple is shocked. They understand that they have no extra money, are already living off of the government, and having trouble raising the kids they already have. Denise and David choose to have an abortion and end the pregnancy. They realize that they are not financially ready to have a child. The pregnancy has also caused extreme stress on the relationship, causing Denise and David to fight often. So, J. Smith RN is working at the abortion clinic that Denise and David choose to have the abortion completed. J. Smith RN has to determine if she will help with the …show more content…
Less than 1% of abortions are done to save the life of the Mother. About 1% of abortions are done because of rape. (Abortion facts, n.d.). The author of this paper is pro-life, from my readings and upbringing abortion is murder. Women still should be able to choose for themselves abortion or not. In the event of potential death of the Mother or rape she should definitely be able to choose. So, in conclusion, there are other options than abortion. Abortion is the death of a human being and against God. As nurses we have the right to refuse to care for abortion patients if that is our choice. In abortion the fetus’ autonomy is taken away. Each nurse must make the ethical decision to partake in the procedure of abortion or not. The fetus autonomy is taken away in abortion. As healthcare workers we must strive to improve our patient’s health.

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