Ethical Ethics : Ethical And Ethical Issues Essay

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This essay considers whether using an ethical toolbox is the best way to make ethical choices. To that consideration, I acknowledge that the ethical challenges I face are diverse and complicated. I wonder if it is better to rely on one philosophical perspective in my life or consider several.
Mill argues that we measure how others and ourselves will benefit or suffer as a result of our action when considering ethical questions. Mill writes, “If one of the two is … placed so far above the other that they prefer it … we are justified in ascribing to the preferred enjoyment a superiority of quality…” (115:d). This means the action should be pursued if and only if it will result in an increase of any one or combination of the following pleasures: intellect, imagination and feeling, or moral sentiment. The proper action is the one which will do the least harm when action is necessary that will lessen any of these preferred pleasures. The joy or happiness that these pleasures bring have a greater quality because their result is beyond satisfaction. Such pleasures go beyond simple lust, hunger, or greed. They are not the result of hasty decision making. They require the individual to consider what is truly important. For example, I could be watching a football game right now but I am typing this essay because it stimulates my intellect, imagination, and moral sentiment. So, Mill’s point is that we look beyond comfort when assessing what is pleasurable and that the…

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