Ethical Issues And Implications Essay

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Q5. What are the ethical issues and implications?

The ethical issues and implications are listed below:
1. Consequence base issues: In this type of issue, the act of Diane should create maximum happiness to everyone confronted with the new system. So, Diane shouldn’t create the new system as company requested because if done so, it will create huge negative impacts on customers and employees.
2. Duty base issues: In these criteria, every individual involved in this case should do their duty carefully and be fair to everyone. In this scenario, the CEO and Directors of the company, even knowing the consequence of low secure system, are neglecting those facts and are going against the duty.
3. Contract base issues: Two types of issues: legal
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Education and Awareness: Most often, the training to the employees of the company add adverse positive effect to the problems. So, the training can be provided to every employee including CEO and directors about the importance of strong security database system. Diane can even aware them about the long term effects that the low secure database will have on the company and every person accosted with it (Sievert 1997).

2. Creating batch and complete version of the system: Firstly, Diane can come up with the batch version of the system which may cost low, because of the request of CEO and directors. Later on, after the agreement with the company, she can create the complete strong security database system, with addition of financial support. The complete version should fix all the bugs of the batch version (Tarang 2008).

3. Agreement: This option is not suitable but even if Diane decides to go with the plan of CEO and director, she should make a contract agreement between them. The agreement should be between Diane and company, which should state that Diane is not responsible for all the impacts that company may face later in the future because Diane clearly explains the need of secure database system to the CEO and directors. With this Diane is out of any legal action that company may face

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