Essay on Ethical Ethics And Ethics : Mattel, A Leading Toy Company

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Introduction As a society, focusing on what is right and ethical is a priority. Virtue ethics includes “certain ideals for which people should strive and allow complete growth of humanity” (Velasquez, et al., 2008). Virtues are “attributes we have”, and include, fairness, self-control, honesty and integrity (Ruiz & Lluesma, 2014) . There are numerous instances in which people should apply appropriate virtues to ensure ethical behavior is being practiced. Additionally, corporations should appropriately use virtues to protect employees, and customers. Corporations need to “practice ethical leadership to understand what is right or wrong (Bai & Morris, 2014). An article on Mattel, a leading toy company, shows several circumstances in which the corporation showed inappropriate ethical behavior and violations of their Codes of Conduct. The three virtues: fairness, justice, and integrity will be applied to improve ethical issues.
The Mattel case displays numerous occasions in which the company showed unethical behaviors. These circumstances have violated several virtues. One major virtue that has been violated by Mattel is fairness. In Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, fairness is defined as "agreeing with what is right or wrong” (Merriam Webster, 2016). In several instances, Mattel failed to be fair to employees, and their code of conduct. For example, the article states that employees at some Mattel locations were forced to work "excessive hours, and in extreme…

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