Essay about Ethical Ethics And Ethical Issues

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Picture yourself going out for coffee on a normal New York city afternoon, you stumble upon a high intensity scene. You see a man lying on the sidewalk motionless with a crowd surrounding them. There is a woman who appears to be yelling at a fireman who is washing a fire truck just across the street. As soon as you get closer to the scene you realize there are no First responders or EMS workers near the lifeless man. This presents you with an ethical dilemma since you are Ethical egoist, you chose to stand by and watch, although you question this decision as soon as it is made. This is a very odd situation since there are fireman just across the street and you know this man needs medical attention. After what seemed to be forever an ambulance arrived and firsts responders were on scene. Only minutes after they arrived they had the man stabilized and loaded in the ambulance and on their way. A few short hours later this 77-year-old man dies in the hospital of a heart attack. Two years ago this exact situation happened on a New York City street. It turns out that the fireman wasn’t doing nothing just to spite the women but he was just following protocol. In his employee handbook it states that as a fireman you are not to dispatch to a scene unless an official 911 call has been made and dispatch radios them to the scene. This situation represents a number of dilemmas. The woman who was desperately yelling for help was the dying man’s daughter. In this woman’s moral of…

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