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Dual Relationship Boundaries, Standards of Care and Termination
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A paper discussing the ethical issues from a video that discuss cases that are regarding barter, boundaries crossing and violation, touching, receiving and giving gifts, and termination of care. The ACA code of Ethics and Michigan States Rules and Regulation for Professional Counselors on the ethical issues of barter, boundaries crossing and violation, touching, receiving and give gifts, and termination of care are summarized. My feelings toward the cases that were discussed in the video regarding the ethical issues and topics of barter, boundaries crossing and violation, touching, receiving and give gifts, and
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From my research I understand that Michigan following the ACA guidelines when it comes to addressing these issues. There was no particular statue Michigan rule or regulation and all inquiries on the issues were linked back to the ACA guidelines.
The American Counseling Association states in section A-10D, counselors may barter only if the relationship is not oppressive or harmful and doesn’t give the counselor an unfair benefit. Only if a client requests it and the arrangements are an accepted practice among other professionals then the counselors should reflect on the cultural implications of bartering. The counselor should also discuss relevant concerns with the client and document the agreement in a clear written contract. (American Counseling Association, 2005)
The American Counseling Association in Section A-5D entitled, "Potentially Beneficial Interactions," when a counselor-client, has a non-professional interaction with the client or previous client that maybe a potentially benefit to the client or previous client. The counselor should document in case records prior to the interaction, also should document when practical rationale for the interaction, the potential benefit and anticipated consequences for the client or former client and other individual significantly involved with the client or former client . The interactions should be initiated with proper client

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