Ethical Essay: Is Deviance Okay?

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Is Deviance Okay
Understanding the meaning of the word “deviance” allows me an opportunity to put the word into a different light. Like most people when I hear the word deviance I immediately associate this with something of negative value and or negative behavior. We never once take into account that we ourselves can be view and labeled as deviant. We seem to believe because we follow the social norms that society has implemented, we are not “deviant”. Needless to say it, but we all engage in deviant activities everyday of our lives and never take thought of it to be deviant in nature. It is my option that it is ok to be deviant, so long as we are able to understand the meaning. Deviance is always a matter of difference. Deviance emerges in everyday life as we encounter people whose appearance or behavior differs from what we consider “normal.” (Thio, Taylor,
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With this in mind we must also find out what classifies as a sex crime. There is a variety of offences that are labeled as sex crimes. Examples are prostitution, rape, indecent exposure and sexual assault to name a few. Sex crimes are address and classified by their respective state. This means in one state prostitution or indecent exposure is legal but illegal in another state that makes it a sex crime. In addition, having sex in your car, which may be visible to others, can also be a sex crime. These acts depending on the state you are in could be a sex crime and if convicted of such you are not a “sex offender” and would need to register as a sex offender on the national federal registers list. This act may be considered deviant by law but I do not think one should be classified as a sex offender. If this is the case showing openly affection of a passionate kiss in public can be view as unacceptable sexual behavior. It is my opinion that not all sex offenders are deviant. The nature of the act may be deviant but not the

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