Ethical Egoism: Martin Luther King Jr.

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I really struggled to determine what my moral perspective was. I definitely don’t think I am strictly one perspective on its own, but I agree with certain aspects of a few of the perspectives we studied. Since I have to choose, I would identify with Ethical Egoism. The last day of class when we all sat together it reaffirmed this choice since I had the same views as everyone else at the table. I think that people act with their own rational self-interest at heart. They may not think they are and say they are doing what’s best for others, but I think there is a part of them that is doing what is best for themselves. When we had to think of a time that we did something completely unselfish it was just about impossible to find one because it all …show more content…
would be happy with the decision about the Alverado case. He would like that the judge granted her asylum, but would not like that Immigration got the case overturned. Since Martin Luther King Jr. follows the Natural Law theory he believes that life is a fundamental good. I don’t think many people would like what happened to Alverado, but in the natural law theory since life is one of the fundamental goods, nothing should happen that would harm or put one’s life in jeopardy. The fact that her husband beat her until she was unconscious would definitely be putting her life in jeopardy. Society is also one of the fundamental goods, therefore people should do unto others as you have them done to you. I don’t think that the man who beat Alverado would want that done to him, therefore he violated that aspect of the philosophy. Based on the natural law theory Martin Luther King Jr. would be happy that the case ended up getting overturned and returned to the original verdict. Natural law theory is based on the Catholic morals and teachings and they believe that everyone has intrinsic worth, so they would want people to be able to live up to their potential. If people were still stuck in harmful situations because they couldn’t do anything about it or get asylum somewhere else the Catholic Church would not be pleased with that. Natural law also believes in being a Good Samaritan. This means that everyone should act kindly towards each other and help others. It would be a big help to the women seeking asylum from dangerous situations. In general Martin Luther King Jr would want what is best for these women and that would be to grant them asylum. He would have been happy that this woman was eventually fully granted

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