Ethical Dilemmas: What Ethics Means To Me?

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What does ethics mean to me? Ethics means treating people the way you would like to be treated. I try to use respect in everyday life. Most days I am pretty successful at accomplishing this task. It is never easy but, this is something that was instilled in me at a very young age. Something I learned in this class is that it could be morally wrong but, not necessarily criminally wrong. There are also more ethical codes than I could even begin to wrap my head around. Ethical standards are guidelines to follow and live by. They are not always black and white, there are a lot of gray areas in between. A person just needs to live there life how they feel is best. I thought I was an ethically sound person but, found that I need to work …show more content…
Values Clarification Exercise is the assignment that made me aware of this competency.
b. What do I hold dear to my heart and how will that effect how I practice? Will I be able to be non-judgmental with my clients? I believe I will be able to do this after having gone through this course and learning how to be a better person ethically.

4. Apply ethical decision making skills to resolve ethical dilemmas.
a. The case studies (8/25) made me aware of this competency.
b. The different dilemmas that we had to solve made me think what I would do if put in that position. Hoping I made the proper decisions and doing them quickly and efficiently, all while keeping the clients feelings in perspective.

5. Explore the rights of clients and responsibilities of the professional human service worker.
a. Informed consent lecture (9/23), is the assignment I learned this competency from.
b. You need to really tell your client how your relationship works, how they have the option of alternate treatment. You also need to talk to them and make sure they understand their rights to confidentiality and how that process works. To me this is the most important step in helping my
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Demonstrate professional behavior consistent with NOHS’s ethical standards.
a. The assignment that made me aware of this competency was speaker Tammy Wilson
b. The NOHS standards need to be followed at all times. If you take work home, it’s in a locked briefcase. This was mandated by HIPPA.

10. Adhere to state and federal laws pertaining to human service practice and profession.
a. The debate was the assignment that made me aware of this competency.
b. This assignment was frustrating to be on the side of accepting gifts. Some of the questions that were asked really made you think. I could not even imagine being in those situations that were asked. This class period caused many emotions within myself. I had to take a long look within myself on what I thought of this. How you have to follow all the laws and still do right by your clients.

11. Explain mandatory reporting requirements and the possible impact on the client-counselor relationship.
a. 11/11 discussion made me aware of this competency.
b. I can finally explain mandatory reporting and how it can affect the client- counselor relationship. It’s a tough decision to have to make. Hopefully it only needs to be made a few times in my

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