Ethical Dilemmas : The Ethical Dilemma Essay

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Ethical Reasoning Ethical dilemmas can sometimes be very complex situations where the decision and individual makes could have a negative effect on either party, depending on which decision you choose. I believe that every person has the intention of doing the right thing but in some cases there is not a right choice and one or both sides of the situation could have negative consequences. For example lets take four individuals in a college setting, three guys and one girl. The guy’s names are Mark, Jake, and Andrew, and the girls name is Alexa. Mark and Alexa have been dating since high school and decided to keep dating throughout college. One day in class Alexa meets Jake and they get to know each other and eventually start hanging out more than often. On one evening Andrew, who is friends with both Mark and Jake, sees Jake and Alexa out at a fancy restaurant on a date. The ethical dilemma in this situation is that Mark has no clue that Alexa has been going out on dates with Jake so it is up to Andrew to decide what to do. Andrew has a couple of option of how to approach this situation. The first option would be to simply tell Mark about what has been going on but by doing that could possibly ruin the relationship of all three of the individuals. On the other hand Andrew could approach Alexa about the situation and tell her that this is wrong to do and leave it up to her to fix the problem herself. The last option Andrew has is to not say anything at all and let this…

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