Ethical Dilemmas Of Defense Attorneys Essay

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Ethical Dilemmas of Defense Attorneys
Defense attorneys have to face the ethical dilemma every day of whether or not to defend their client as well as whether or not to maintain that lawyer-client privilege. The lawyer-client privilege provides a security blanket for the client. Under this privilege, the client can almost tell the lawyer just about anything in confidence and not have to worry about the possible fear of being judged or incriminating themselves. A defense attorney serves as a guide that you can basically tell all your deepest darkest secrets to. However, some of those secrets may not always be able to be kept confidential, so be careful about what secrets you share. Not only will this be a burden for you, but it will also be a huge burden for the defense attorney because they now have to face whether or not to break that lawyer-client privilege. Therefore, a defense attorney’s duties are looked at, especially lawyer-client privilege in terms of the client’s best interest, the harm of third parties, and possibility of a client’s ongoing criminal activity.
Duties of the Defense Attorney
First, there are the duties of the defense attorney. A defense attorney is presented to the client to serve as a counselor and an advocate. They must also “balance the rights of the individual client against the overall effectiveness for all their clients” (Pollock, 2014, p. 247). Also, a defense attorney must balance the best interest of the client against their ethical…

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