Pros And Cons Of Informed Consent

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informed consent faces different ethical arguments compared to others unethical ones. informed consent has been a major battle between the health care professionals ', and the patients. this topic still faces many arguments in todays world, because many doctors have been prescribing medicine without actually informing the patient of its possible risks. We could all agree that most of us like to be informed about all the negative and positive aspects presented in certain situations before making a decision. Many doctors have not really taken responsibility in presenting the patients with full information. This has caused many patients to lose the trust they have towards doctors. Other sides believe those patients are not knowledgeable so …show more content…
The opposing side is a side that strongly believes a lot in Doctors, because they haved had great success stories. I believe that’s why they agree, and support the Doctors prescription even if they don’t consent, and those that agree with me think more outside the box. Theirs something called human mistakes, and according to study done by scientist Doctors are responsible for 98,000 deaths a year from mistakes. I haven 't been involve in a experience where a faced a corrupted Doctor so I really don’t support that, I do think that most of them do their job has best has they can, however not getting a patients consent is ethically wrong. In the end I would agree that sometimes there are patients that simply don’t understand the benefits of a medication, and could likely be responsible for their death, however that was their choice, and they decided not to follow that path. That’s something that every Doctor should respect. They need to always get the patients consent before prescribing any type of medication. Looks for ways to make them understand the side effects, and benefits then let them decide what 's

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