Ethical Dilemmas : Living Conditions Essay

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Ethical Dilemmas

Living Conditions

The dilemma of living conditions described in Ethical Architect: 50 Dilemmas of Professional Practice portrays a situation where the architect comes into a project with an idea of what they would like to do. However, upon speaking to the community and the clients, it is realized that the needs are quite different. As a result, the designer must refocus and work to meet the needs of the client.
The author, Thomas Fisher, states, where the needs of the community are different than the intentions of the architect “it becomes incumbent on designers to respond to what they see and hear and to switch gears accordingly. 30”

Example: My firm is approached by a city to build a new library in a lower income neighborhood. Having designed libraries before my firm is familiar with the typical program and plan accordingly. However, after a town hall meeting with members of the community, it comes to our attention that there is a need for after-school programs for children, and help with employment for adults.

Ethical Obligation: Faced with this scenario, my firm will need to “switch gears” and design a space that can help the community. My firm will suggest that instead of a dedicated library be designed my firm can offer plans for a community center. A community center could provide a safe place for children to go after school and can include an employment resource center for adults. Fisher wrote, “We ought to be flexible enough to realize the…

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