Essay on Ethical Dilemmas in the Criminal Justice System

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Ethical Dilemma’s within the Criminal Justice System

Ethical Dilemmas within the
Criminal Justice System

No matter what job you have in the criminal justice system there will always be ethical dilemmas that arise. As a person who’s job is to enforce the law there is always a way to step over the boundaries whether it be unfair treatment to citizens, inmates or agencies. There is always areas of the career to consider and in order to make everyone happy there are steps that need to be taken. From the police officer on the street to the parole board there is always something that could come up which could have consequences for either decision so which is the right one? The Parole Board. Overcrowding can cause many issues within
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As time goes on the assaults become more severe (Biermann,2006). “The most common threat faced by correctional facility staff is from pointed and sharp-edged weapons” (Bierman,2006). This is ground for change.
William should have a strict daily routine, those who cause the most violence will be locked up longer and privileges taken away. Those who are corporative and follow direction on a regular basis will be rewarded. This gives the inmates an incentive to be good which would cause less stress for the workers. This would cause for clear directions and consistency from supervisor to supervisor (Callisto,2004). Training will be given to all the correctional officers to ensure they are doing everything the same way; that way the inmates know what they will expect if they do wrong. Not only that but give training to the correctional officers for riot management, restraint use, and defense tactics so they feel ready and secure at all times (Callisto,2004). When it comes to the work release program, there will be a screening process. Those who have less disciplinary actions around the prison, those who are working within the prison and showing improvement will be able to go. This gives those who are working on the inside of the prison more control over the inmate who are still in there while the other are on work release. Inmates who aren’t usually the instigators will be away from those who do instigate and cause

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