Essay on Ethical Dilemmas And Ethical Issues

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Ethical dilemmas occur in all types of business throughout the world. Due to recent scandals and events, ethics is playing an even larger role in big business. The evolution of ethics in business is helping to form new standards to help new businesses navigate the ethical landscape and get started off on the right foot. Facebook, Wal-Mart, and Apple have all encountered and overcome multiple ethical dilemmas. This case study is an in-depth analysis of those ethical dilemmas including characteristics of the unethical behavior, reasons the unethical behavior occurred, and what could have been done to prevent these ethical issues. The ethical dilemmas encountered by Facebook revolved around privacy issues for their customers. Facebook leadership continually made bad decisions that violated customer privacy in an effort to be more profitable. Some of those unethical behaviors included launching a New Feed feature that monitored and shared all members’ information, not allowing privacy controls or making it very difficult to set strict privacy controls, creating a convoluted privacy policy, not protecting children from inappropriate content and sexual predators, releasing customer information to third-parties through apps, and allowing researchers to manipulate customer’s new feeds without authorization. According to Stanwick (2016), “it appeared market growth was the focus of Facebook’s strategic actions.” (p.368) The ethical issues faced by Wal-Mart involved unethical…

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